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Dr. CHU Vivian

BSc, MSc (UCL), PhD (HKU)
Assistant Lecturer


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Dr. Vivian Chu is an assistant lecturer at the Centre for Civil Society and Governance in the Faculty of Social Sciences. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Geography) and a Master of Science (Environment, Science and Society) from the University College London. She received a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests lie in environmental policy, collaborative governance and sustainability. Her doctoral research focuses on the role of policy entrepreneurs in cross-boundary environmental management in Southern China. Vivian’s recent research on cross-sector collaboration is centered on the building of sustainable communities. Dr. Chu teaches a number of courses on environmental policy and sustainability, some of which with a specific focus on topics such as energy sustainability and corporate governance.




2011–2016 The University of Hong Kong
PhD (Geography)


2009–2010 University College London
MSc Environment, Science and Society


2006-2009 University College London
BSc Geography



Selected publications and conference papers

Chu, Vivian H. Y., & Lee, Anna K. Y. (2019). Institutional Obstacles and Opportunities for Policy Entrepreneurship in Cross-Border Environmental Management: a case study in China’s Greater Pearl River Delta region. Asian Geographer, 1-19.

Chu, Vivian H.Y. (27 Jun – 28 Jun, 2018) Cross-sector collaboration and the reconciliation of paradoxes: the building of system robustness in the attainment of rural sustainability. Paper presented at the ARNOVA-Asia Conference on ‘Evolving Government-Third Sector Relations in Asia’ at the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.

Chu, Vivian H.Y. (5 Apr – 7 Apr, 2018) Collaborative Governance for Rural Sustainability: A study of the foundation of system robustness. Paper presented at the Conference on ‘Rethinking Cross-sector Social Innovation’ at the Social Innovation and Change Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, The University of Harvard, United States.

Lee, Frederick and Chu, Vivian H.Y. (2017), Policy Entrepreneurship, Policy Diffusion and Transboundary Environmental Regulations: Evidence from Southern China, Mondes en Developpement, Vol. 45, pp. 13-27.

Chu, Vivian H. Y. (2017), Policy Entrepreneurship and the Management of Transboundary Externalities in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region, Ph.D. Thesis, The University of Hong Kong.

Chu, Vivian H.Y. and Lee, Frederick (4 Nov – 7 Nov, 2014) Marine emission control in the Greater Pearl River Delta Region in Southern China: the impacts and limits of policy entrepreneurship in a cross-boundary setting. Paper presented at the ‘14th International conference BRIT (Border Regions in Transition) The Border, a Source of Innovation at the University of Artois, Arras, France, and the Catholic University of Louvain, Mons, Belgium.